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Winter Pet Care Tips

Winter Pet Care Tips

Cold winter weather is as hard on pets as it is on people. However, some people seem to forget that we put on layers upon layers to keep us warm, while our pets still only wear their one fur coat. Out pets are as accustomed to the warmth of indoors as we are. Some people think all animals are able to adapt to the cold weather. Thoughts like this about your house pets puts their lives in danger. There are a few things you can do to keep your pet safe and warm this winter.

First off, take your animals to Locust Trace Vet for a winter check Рbefore winter begins. Our veterinarian will let you know about any problems your pet may have with cold weather. If your pets absolutely must stay outside for long periods of time, make sure you create a warm solid shelter for them. Put thick bedding and plenty of warm blankets to burrow under in a shelter that is away from wind drafts. A hot water bottle wrapped in a towel can be nice for some pets. Always make sure that your pet has water that has not frozen.

Some animals can withstand cold weather better than others. Common sense tells us that Huskies will do better in the cold weather than Dachshunds. The longer the hair, the longer your pet can stay outdoors in the cold. Animals that have to walk through shoulder deep snow will get cold quicker than larger animals. Sick, very young or very old animals are extra vulnerable to the cold temperatures of winter. Conditions like heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and hormonal imbalances can all compromise your pets ability to retain body heat. Letting then out for only a few minutes at a time is best.

Overall, your pets can go outside in the winter. However, no pet should really be left outside in freezing cold weather for extended amounts of time. If you have questions about how long your pet can safely stay outside, ask your veterinarian at Locust Trace Vet when you bring your pet in for a check-up.