pet adoption

Today is National Cat Day

Pet Adoption is considered a great way to bring a pet into your home. In honor of National Cat Daypet adoption that is celebrated today and every October 29th, we dedicate this blog to the number of shelter pets, including cats that need homes.

Pets In Shelters

You can find just about any type pet you may be interested in at a pet shelter. You would be surprised at how many unwanted pets there are. Recent statistics suggest there are 6-8 million dogs and cats entering shelters each year. Of those, 25% are purebred. Many are lost or stray but a majority of the time, someone has been forced to give up their pet because they are moving or have issues with their landlord. This means, in a shelter, it is quite easy to find a family ready pet that just needs a new home.

Adopting vs. Buying

When you consider where you get your next pet, consider going to your local rescue or shelter to find a pet in Lexington. There are usually adoption fees and sometimes a process you must go through but overall, the amount you pay is less than you would spend on a free dog or cat that needs all their shots and other veterinary attention. They also are willing to provide you with advice and counseling to help ensure your pet adjusts to your home and things work out.

Evaluate Which Pet is Right For You

Many times people make rash decisions when it comes to getting a pet. Cute kittens at the grocery store can result in impulse adoptions and an unwanted pet later. Pets are hard to resist but keeping a forever pet takes thought, preparation and a desire to own that pet. Decide before you adopt, what type pet will work best in your home. Consider allergies, where you live and who will care for the pet while you’re away.

Pet Adoption

When you begin looking for a pet, visit many places to find the right one. Don’t get discouraged if it takes awhile. Most shelters get new animals every day so you can keep checking back with them until the pet your looking for comes in. You may also find your pet by surfing the net and looking for someone who for whatever reason has to surrender their pet. They will be delighted to know they have found a good home.

Locust Trace Animal Clinic in Lexington is delighted to help celebrate National Cat Day by encouraging you to get your next pet from a pet shelter. If you have a pet already, you can help with pet overpopulation by having your pet spayed or neutered.