how to teach your dog to use the doggy door

How To Teach Your Dog to Use The Doggy Door

how to teach your dog to use the doggy doorHow to teach your dog to use the doggy door may be simpler than you think. If you have an older dog, they can learn new tricks and if you have a puppy, they can learn too. Here are a few ideas about the convenience of using a doggy door and how my niece taught her dog.

Doggy Doors are Convenient!

We have lived in our house for about three years. In the past, we have almost always had a doggy door for our dachshunds to go through. It has always been a big help because the dogs could go out whenever they wanted. In our new house, my husband didn’t want to “ruin” our doors with a doggy door. So my job was to get up and open the door, over and over and over again. I begged my husband for a doggy door but he wasn’t interested. This summer however, he changed his mind. I was away for about 10 days and when I got back, he had installed a doggy door! Yes! They are that convenient!

How to Teach Your Dog to Use The Doggy Door

Some dogs are naturally timid. They may hesitate at the doggy door and be afraid to go through. I think our door snapped back and hit our yorkie in the behind the first time so it took a little getting used to for him. Our dachshund on the other hand bolted through without thinking trying to catch a squirrel on our deck.

My niece had to train their dog. They would get on either side of the door and push her through on one side and give her a treat on the other. They kept doing this but Laylah is a timid puppy and they didn’t think she had gotten any better at using the pet door. My niece’s husband was home from work one day and they worked with Laylah for the entire day; pushing her through and giving her a treat on the other side. The next morning they were eating a sausage biscuit that Laylah was really interested in. The next thing they knew she was running in and out of the doggy door looking for a treat! I guess that goes to show you, it may be more that your dog is reluctant or unwilling to use the doggy door than that they don’t know how!

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