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Cats and Christmas Trees

cats and christmas trees
Cats and Christmas trees don’t always mix well. It is important if you have a cat in the house that you create a safe environment to keep your cat and your Christmas tree in one piece. Cats are particularly curious, love to climb and play with dangly things...
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Oral Health For Pets

oral health for pets
Oral health for pets includes regular care and occasional cleanings. Just like people, animal’s health requires basic oral care. Having too much tartar build up can cause gingivitis and other health conditions. Bacteria from the gums can lead to bacteria getting into the bloodstream and damaging organs. Here...
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Microchips for Pets

microchips for pets
Every year many pets go missing or run away. You can ensure your pet will be returned to you by installing a microchip for your pet. Pets that have microchips have a better chance of being reunited with their families. Everyday over 20 pets are returned because they...
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Pet Stem Cell Therapy in Lexington KY

Pet Stem Cell Therapy in Lexington KY is becoming an alternative. If your dog is suffering from Osteoarthritis, ligament tears, or other conditions that are causing him or her severe pain, and anti-inflammatory drugs are no longer helping, you may be able to avoid surgery and drastically improve...
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Exotic Pets In Lexington

Exotic pets in Lexington are a lot of fun and a lot of work.  I love the unique animals people raise and care for in Kentucky.  There are so many different types of exotic pets in Lexington, if you’re interested in them, you really have a lot to...
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Heartworm Facts From Your Lexington Veterinarian

Heartworm is a major problem for dogs and cats.  It is much cheaper to prevent heartworm disease than it is to treat once your pet gets it.  According to Petsandparasites.org, 1 in every 90 dogs tested in Kentucky,  will test positive for heartworms.  Although they consider Kentucky to...
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Paying For An Emergency Veterinarian in Lexington

Many people put off taking their pet to the veterinarian in Lexington because they are afraid it will be too expensive.  It’s true, medical bills can be high not only for your 2 legged family members but also for the furry part of your family.  Emergency veterinarians in...
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Veterinarian in Lexington discusses Pet Anxiety

According to your veterinarian in Lexington, pet anxiety is common during the summer. With summer thunderstorms and July 4th holidays, it isn’t any wonder your pet may be terrified with all the extra excitement and noise. At Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic, we like to help our pet owners...
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