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Microchips for Pets

microchips for pets
Every year many pets go missing or run away. You can ensure your pet will be returned to you by installing a microchip for your pet. Pets that have microchips have a better chance of being reunited with their families. Everyday over 20 pets are returned because they...
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Paying For An Emergency Veterinarian in Lexington

Many people put off taking their pet to the veterinarian in Lexington because they are afraid it will be too expensive.  It’s true, medical bills can be high not only for your 2 legged family members but also for the furry part of your family.  Emergency veterinarians in...
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Veterinarian in Lexington discusses Pet Anxiety

According to your veterinarian in Lexington, pet anxiety is common during the summer. With summer thunderstorms and July 4th holidays, it isn’t any wonder your pet may be terrified with all the extra excitement and noise. At Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic, we like to help our pet owners...
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Top 5 Pets for Kids

Every parent considers getting his or her kids a pet at some point.  Whether it is because they are begging and begging to have a kitty or puppy, like their friend down the street or maybe because as a parent you want to teach them how to care...
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Your Lexington Veterinarian Dog Facts

Your Lexington Veterinarian and anyone who has ever owned a dog can tell you they are adorable, loyal companions. They come in all shapes and sizes from a 36”, 150+ pound Great Danes to a 2-pound Chihuahuas. There are 150 dog breeds that make up 8 classes: Sporting,...
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Frequently Asked Questions About Pets Care

Your veterinarian in Lexington, Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic can answer your pet care questions.  They are trained in all aspects of animal care and familiar with most of the products on the market and how to use them.  Here are a few of the common questions people ask...
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