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Getting A Pet For Christmas

pet for christmas
Getting a pet for Christmas is one of the most memorable gifts you will ever enjoy. Pets quickly become members of the family and spending time with your new friend adds excitement to the holidays. Here are a few tips to make sure your new pet adjusts to...
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Helping Your Pet Cope With Visitors

helping your pet cope with visitors
Helping your pet cope with visitors is one of the main reasons why you should socialize your pet while they are young. This is not always an option if you get your pet when it’s older or have no way to socialize your pet. If you notice a...
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Tips for New Cat Owners

Here are a few tips for new cat owners.  Cats are indeed, cute, furry and so much fun when they are small.  The most important thing to remember, when you decide to get a cute little kitty, is that one day it will be a less active cat...
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Pets Are Good For Kids

If your kids are like most kids, they may be begging you to adopt a family pet. Pets are a great idea for kids. There are some reasons why you may want to put off adopting a pet or you may feel your family cannot afford to take...
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Cat Illnesses, Symptoms and Treatment

Every cat owner wants to avoid cat illnesses because they love their cat.  Of all animals most cat illnesses are communicable and ironically most cat owners have more than one cat.   Owners want them to stay healthy and live a long and happy life. It is important...
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