Pets Are Good For Kids

FriendsIf your kids are like most kids, they may be begging you to adopt a family pet. Pets are a great idea for kids. There are some reasons why you may want to put off adopting a pet or you may feel your family cannot afford to take care of a pet. Most families however, can find a pet that they can afford. Here are some of the benefits kids get from pets:

Developing Nurturing Kids

Pets that you can interact with like a dog or cat can provide hours of fun for your children. One of the biggest payoffs to sharing your home and the effort it takes to care for a pet is the unconditional love they give back.

Nurturing a pet helps your child develop care giving skills and childhood responsibility. It is important if your son or daughter wants a pet that they are required to care for the pet once they arrive. This may take additional effort when the fun of a new pet wears off but that is part of learning to be mature. If taking care of the pet is a family task and shared among siblings you will find it creates a common bond.

Children will develop better social skills and the ability to empathize with others by learning to care for and understand their pet’s non verbal cues.  Studies on autism suggest families who own pets have greater social development than other families who don’t have pets.  This can be true for all children.

Pets Help Kids Physically

Kids with pets are more likely to be healthy and require fewer doctors’ visits. Some studies suggest having a pet in the home will give your children less chance of developing allergies and asthma.

Playing with pets can cause your children to spend more time outside, walking running and playing. This is good for your child’s health and development. Playing with pets has been known to lower blood pressure.

Pets Make Great Childhood Friends

Pets offer great companionship to your child. Having a pet to read to or take walks with make those tasks more fun. Pets can give your children hours of entertainment just watching them and enjoying their crazy antics.

Pets help children by reducing stress, curbing loneliness and decreasing anxiety. Having a pet to cuddle and talk to after a bad day is a great source of comfort to some children.

Choosing A Pet

Choosing a pet is a big decision. You should always consider the cost of the pet, medical care, food and other items your pet needs when you decide to adopt a pet. Some pets are easier to care for than others and your veterinarian can help you decide which breed pet will best meet the needs of your family. Having a pet in the home is a huge commitment with a giant payoff for your children.

If you have any questions about owning a pet, choosing a pet or getting ready for a pet, please call Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic and we will be happy to help.