Pet Stem Cell Therapy in Lexington KY

pet stem cell therapy in Lexington KYPet Stem Cell Therapy in Lexington KY is becoming an alternative. If your dog is suffering from Osteoarthritis, ligament tears, or other conditions that are causing him or her severe pain, and anti-inflammatory drugs are no longer helping, you may be able to avoid surgery and drastically improve the quality of your pet’s life.

Osteoarthritis is a common cause of chronic pain in dogs. 20% of all dogs will suffer from OA causing pain, stiffness and loss of mobility. Now pet owners have an alternative relief for their pet that doesn’t involve invasive surgery.

What is Stem Cell Therapy in Pets

Stem cell therapy has been used in equine cases since 2003 and is now becoming widely accepted as a viable treatment for dogs. A trained veterinarian will remove fat cells from your pet’s stomach or shoulder blades. These cells are isolated in a lab and the regenerative stem cells are returned. Your vet will then carefully and under local anesthesia replace the stem cells in the hip or joint of the damaged area.

Stem cells secrete proteins that fight inflammation, reduce scaring and trigger healing. They have the potential to release chemicals that bring healing cells to the area and regenerate the damage. Stem cells differentiate into many different cell types: tendons, bone, ligaments and cartilage, that facilitate healing.

The Goal of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is not a cure. The goal of pet stem cell therapy in Lexington KY is to provide long-term anti-inflammatory effects, slow degeneration and initiate healing to damaged areas. This provides pain relief soon after the procedure is over. Stem cells are saved in case additional injections are needed to maintain the improvement.

The Future of Stem Cell Therapy

It is hoped as more research and testing is done that more uses for stem cell therapy will be available. Possibilities include injecting stem cells into the pancreas to cure diabetes. Because stem cells can differentiate, the theory is that they can be used in a wide range of areas.

Is Pet Stem Cell Therapy in Lexington KY Right For Your Pet?

Your veterinarian in Lexington can help you determine if this procedure is right for your pets. A thorough veterinary exam will show how healthy your pet is. X-rays and other diagnostics may be needed to determine the extent of your pet’s problems and pain. This is necessary to determine the best course of action.