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Merry Christmas From Your Veterinary Clinic in Lexington

veterinary clinic in LexingtonMerry Christmas from Your Veterinary Clinic in Lexington! The doctors and the Staff at Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic are so grateful to be a part of your family by caring for your beloved pets!

Winter Break

The Locust Trace Agriscience Center School is out on winter school break from December 22 through January 2nd. The students will be enjoying time away from classes with their families and friends. This is a great time to bring your pets to the animal clinic for annual checkups. New pets for Christmas will also need a new pet exam.

Schedule New Patient Visits Early

If you are getting a new pet for Christmas like a dog or a cat, it is important to schedule an exam soon. Pedigree pups and kittens should come with a health certificate stating there are no birth defects and when the initial shots were given. Follow up shots and exam can then be determined by the date. For puppies and kittens, planning to have them spayed or neutered should be decided for their well being.

Services We Provide

If you are bringing in a new patient, welcome. We are here to provide complete veterinary services, that include wellness exams, simple or complex surgeries, dental care and laser therapy for our animals that suffer from pain due to surgery or arthritis. You will find we offer a complete range of veterinary services to every pet imaginable: Farm animals, domestic animals, exotic animals and reptiles too! If you have a pet that needs veterinary care, Locust Trace is experienced and dedicated to providing you with the best in veterinary medicine and loving care by their talented staff.

Merry Christmas From Your Veterinary Clinic in Lexington

We hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday week! We look forward to helping you with your pet and making sure your holidays are safe and your furry loved ones are well. Merry Christmas Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic!