Lexington Rabbit Veterinarian

The Importance of Having a Lexington Rabbit Veterinarian

This may sound weird and hard to believe but YES — there is a difference between regular veterinarians in Lexington and a Lexington rabbit veterinarian. These are specialized veterinarians who are specifically trained to address medical concerns in regards to rabbits. They may be a few in terms of numbers, but they are worth the while for all rabbit caretakers. Many rabbit owners whether they breed them for sale or as pets should know a qualified rabbit veterinarian.

The Scoop on Rabbit Vets in Lexington

All pet and/or animal lovers should realize that an individual referred to as a “vet” does not treat all sorts of animal species. They may learn the basics of every animal category but like every other course, they specialize to one or two animal species that they thoroughly study and analyze. This goes out to all rabbit owners, “A dog or cat veterinarian should NOT treat your rabbit.” he may be a few blocks away from your home but you should rather take the longer distance in the effort to get the right treatment for the animal. Your day to day cat or dog vet has no idea on what to do with a rabbit. Maybe, just maybe they could manage on a temporary aid but not a cure. Just like you would take your time finding a doctor for your child, take your time and find one for your rabbit.

On the other end, veterinarians should be honest so as to inform their clients of what they specialized in, instead of working outside their specialization. A honest veterinarian should refer you to a rabbit vet.

After vet school comes the birth of a rabbit specialist. The specialist will narrow down into exotic species of which they will study rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, small and large rodents, reptiles and fish. Among these range of exotic species, some vets choose to pick one or two of these species to work with. With a decision to become a rabbit specialist, he or she will work as an intern with an established top exotics vet for years. It is within these duration that he is taught everything to do with rabbits and the care given to them. This will include the art of anesthetizing a rabbit without necessarily killing it and the difference between their care and that of cats and dogs.

Why go to all the trouble of looking for a rabbit vet in Lexington?

This is the only person that can keep them healthy as he can detect an illness way before the caretakers can. They can also control their breeding. Rabbits are known to try and hide an illness or injury so that they are not exposed to predators and a qualified rabbit vet can see through this by looking at the symptoms.

Traditionally, rabbits that were showing symptoms of any illness were culled from the rest of the herd preventing them from infecting the rest. This is not so much of treatment as the sicklings were killed as they were left for death without any care. Call it “culling.” in my opinion, culling…killing, its the same thing.

If your aim is to keep a rabbit alive and healthy, choose a is a Lexington rabbit veterinarian. But if you are looking at just keeping them around a while longer, then your cat or dog vet will do. A successful, responsible and caring rabbit owner/caretaker, must carefully select a qualified veterinarian for his rabbits.