Lexington Pet Spaying and Neutering

Lexington Pet Spaying and Neutering: Why?

Wondering why you should invest in Lexington Pet Spaying and Neutering? Every pet owner has to make the decision whether to spay or neuter their beloved companions. It’s an important decision to make and can greatly affect the long term health, welfare and enjoyment of your pet.

The Increasing Number of Homeless Pets

It is an unfortunate fact that the number of homeless pets is on the rise. Shockingly, more than 2.7 Million perfectly healthy, adoptable Cats and Dogs are euthanized in shelters every year, simply because there are no homes available for them. The number of homeless animals varies by state, but in some cases, there are as many as 300,000 animals euthanized every year. A large percentage of this number is due to unwanted breeding between pets, especially Cats who are often allowed to roam free and mate. Lexington pet spaying & neutering is the only completely effective way of preventing unwanted pregnancies in your pets.

The Health Benefits of Lexington Pet Spaying and Neutering

Recent reports state that pets living in areas with the highest rates of spaying and neutering have the longest life spans. It is estimated that when neutered, male dogs live 18% longer than un-neutered dogs and spayed females live 23% longer than un-spayed female dogs. 44% of the dogs in Mississippi, which has the lowest average lifespan of pets in the United States, are not spayed or neutered which adds further evidence to the fact that spaying and neutering your pets can significantly increase longevity.

Part of the increased lifespan of spayed and neutered pets can be attributed to their decreased urge to roam which reduces the chances of being involved in car accidents or fights with other animals. Making the decision to spay or neuter your pets can also reduce the risk of contracting certain types of cancers. Un-spayed female Cats and Dogs are at a far greater risk of developing cancers of the reproductive system and neutering male pets greatly reduces their chances of testicular and prostate cancer. Medical evidence indicates that female pets spayed before their first heat are normally healthier than their un-spayed counterparts.

Reducing Behavioral Problems

The urine-marking of furniture and other areas of the home is seen by many as one of the negative aspects of owning a pet. The instinct of intact cats and dogs to mark their territory by spraying is extremely strong. Neutering your pet will reduce any marking issues and may even eliminate them altogether. It’s best to neuter your companion before they become 5 months of age and before the behavior even begins. The longer you wait, the more the behavior becomes engrained and the harder it will be to prevent.

Other problems that can be reduced or eliminated by spaying or neutering include reduced roaming, especially when female pets are in heat, reduced barking, howling, aggression as well as mounting and other dominance related behaviors.

Reducing The Cost of Pet Care Over a Lifetime

Although spaying or neutering pets in Lexington Kentucky is an upfront expense, when your factor in the health benefits over a lifetime, the financial savings can be substantial.

Providing care to an unaltered pet with a reproductive system caner can run into the thousands of dollars and unless pet insurance is purchased, may pet owners have to make the heart-breaking decision to have their companions euthanized.

Unaltered pets can also be more destructive and often damage furniture and other belongings. The risk of unaltered pets causing injury to other animals, children or adults is also very real. Many counties have spay/neuter laws that require owners with unaltered animals to pay higher pet license fees.

Millions of avoidable pet deaths every year are a tragic reality of the modern world. With the availability of low cost spay/neuter clinics in Lexington and the clear health and financial benefits; there is no real reason not to provide your pet with this simple, life promoting procedure. Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic offers the best spaying and neutering in Lexington KY. Call us today!

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