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Laser Pet Surgery in Lexington

Laser Pet Surgery in Lexington

What is a laser?

A laser is a device that transmits a very high beam of light with a certain wavelength.

Our pet patients are treated with only a carbon dioxide laser. A carbon dioxide laser is one of the most used and trusted of all medical lasers around the globe. We, here at Locust Veterinary Clinic in Lexington KY only want to use the very best for your pets. The lasers are used to create an invisible type of beam that is able to vaporize any water that is found within the skin and other kinds of soft tissue. Since this laser beam is something that can be precisely controlled. It will only cut or take away a small thin layer of tissue at one application. This is something that does not affect or change the state of any surrounding areas at all. We are able to be extremely precise with this level of control during every laser surgery procedure that we perform on our patients.

Why choose laser surgery in Lexington?

  1. Reduction In Pain – This laser takes and seals up any nerve endings as it makes an incision. This means that your pet may not have to have that much anesthesia during the operation itself. This lessens the chance of complications in a major way. The pain that usually accompanies surgery is also reduced greatly.
  2. Reduction In Bleeding – The laser closes up any blood vessels that may get open during the operation.
  3. Reduction In Swelling – Laser energy doesn’t do any damage to the incision area, which means no tearing, crushing, or bruising at all. There is no contact with the tissue physically.

What can this mean for your pet?

  1. A Smaller Risk of Infection – During the surgical process, the laser takes away any diseased or bad tissue that is present. This sterilization by the laser also kills off any existing bacteria that can promote infection.
  2. More Accurate Precision – Laser has the capability to successfully remove any bad tissue without affecting or having to remove any healthy tissue that is also surrounding the incision site.
  3. Fast Return Back To Regular Activities – These kind of surgical laser procedures are much less invasive than regular procedures. They also encourage healing at a much faster rate and make the stay time in the veterinary hospital something that is much shorter in length.

Pet Laser Surgery in Lexington

A laser is truly the ideal surgical solution for all pets and animals, including everything from dogs to cats to birds to other animals. Laser surgery corrects a wide variety of common medical conditions from cysts to tumors to warts. These procedures can also help to fix infections that can take place around the eyes, ears, the mouth, and in any location on the skin itself. There are also many specialized internal procedures that are possible if required in some cases. Our highly professional and very caring veterinarian at Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic can look over your pet’s condition. He can also ascertain right away if your pet may be in need of a procedure that can be done with a laser. ┬áIf you’re looking for the best Lexington Laser Surgery for your pet, come to Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic! We provide advanced Animal Care in Lexington Kentucky. Call us today!

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