Hunting Safety For Pets and Hunting Dogs

hunting safety for petsAs autumn is upon us, hunting season is too. You can follow some simple rules for hunting safety for pets that will ensure you and your pet enjoy the hunting season and keep safe at the same time.

Hunting Safety For Pets

If you live near the woods or a hunting area, you should take precaution during hunting season. Make sure your pet doesn’t run loose in the woods. If you go for walks with your pet, avoid hunting areas. Wear bright colored clothing and have your pet wear a bright collar or bandana. Consider attaching a bell to their collar to make noise that would alert a hunter that your pet is near.

Hunting Safety for Your Hunting Dog

If you hunt with a dog, make sure you follow these guidelines to ensure you pet is healthy, safe and well taken care of.

Start with a checkup at your veterinary hospital in Lexington. Make sure your hunting dog is healthy enough to handle long days in the woods. Be sure they have all the protection they need against fleas and ticks and that their vaccinations are up to date.

Provide food and water for your pet. Hunting can take a lot of energy and your pet will work harder and longer if you provide for their needs. Go prepared with a pet first aide kit in case of injuries they might get from barbed wire fences or tree branches.

Make sure you and your pet wear protective gear. A orange pet vest and reflective collar works well. Make sure your hunting dog has a microchip and that the information is up to date. Proper ID tags are also a good idea.

After The Hunt

After a hunting all day, make sure you hunting dog isn’t suffering from injuries. Remove any ticks or burrs. Be sure and check his feet and around the pads and toes where burrs and splinters like to hide. Follow this with plenty of companionship and a good meal. Just because your dog is a hunting dog, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be treated well.

If you have any questions about hunting safety for pets, call your veterinary hospital in Lexington, Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic and they will be happy to help you.