holiday hazards for dogs

Holiday Hazards For Dogs

holiday hazards for dogsThere are many holiday hazards for dogs. Wintertime and the holiday season, mean more company and more exciting things for your dog to get into. Here are a few tips to keep your puppy safe this season.

Kitchen Hazards

From tin foil, turkey bones to raw cookie dough, there are many enticing treats and smells in the kitchen this time of year. Many of these items can cause severe digestive problems if swallowed. Baker’s chocolate and dark chocolate are some of the worse things for your dog. Keep your dog in mind when you are serving alcohol too. Many of the sweet drinks attract dogs and can cause them problems if they drink too much.

Hazardous Christmas Decorations

Many poisonous plants for dogs like Mistletoe, Poinsettias and Amaryllis are all popular plants for Christmas. Unfortunately they are also toxic to dogs. Pine tree needles (fake or real) can also obstruct the bowl if they are swallowed. Christmas decorations, tinsel and ornaments look enticing but can cause a real problem. Don’t allow your pet to chew on the Christmas lights or electrical cords either.  Dressing up your pooch is a fun and cute way to enjoy the holidays.  Nothing is more fun than capturing cute pictures with your puppy all dressed up.  Be sure when you let them wear an outfit that the ties aren’t too tight or left where they can get strangled.  Use common sense and an ounce of precaution.

Outside Holiday Hazards for Dogs

If you keep your dog outside this winter, be sure and bring him in on cold nights. Having a crate works well if your pet isn’t house broken. Temperature is only one of the many hazards a dog can face outside. Another sweet drink that can be quite deadly is antifreeze. Be sure and keep the antifreeze out of reach and don’t let your pet into the neighbor’s yard where they might find antifreeze that can kill them. It doesn’t take much.

We Are Here For You

Nothing is worse than a sick pet, especially during Christmas. Be mindful of your dog and the possible hazards in your house. Help your guests to take care of your dog too by not feeding him the wrong things and keeping gifts, wrapping and other hazardous items out of reach. If you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment, call Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic today.