helping your pet cope with visitors

Helping Your Pet Cope With Visitors

helping your pet cope with visitorsHelping your pet cope with visitors is one of the main reasons why you should socialize your pet while they are young. This is not always an option if you get your pet when it’s older or have no way to socialize your pet. If you notice a sudden change in your pet’s behavior, you should seek medical attention. Your veterinarian may be able to find a cause for your pet’s behavior.   If your pet is normally shy, here are a few things you can do to make sure your pet acts appropriately.

Cats that Hide

Some cats are more skittish than others. Cat owners who have multiple cats can tell you they all have their own personality. Cats who are socialized a lot when they are young have a better chance of responding well to strangers and visitors to your home. Some cats may like most people but might hide around certain types of people like small children or men. If your cat was a stray, this may be a real problem. Other cats may like people but not handle noise well. If you are planning to have a large crowd over or a few guests, you can help your cat avoid anxiety by keeping them in a small room where it’s quiet. If you have a kitten, this may be a great opportunity to socialize your kitten to help it learn to cope with visitors.

Dogs and Visitors

You can also socialize your puppy by providing many opportunities for your new pet to be around different situations and different people. Soon after you get a puppy or dog, you should visit your veterinarian. This visit may give you an idea of the temperament of your pet. If you notice an aggressive temperament, you should have your veterinarian recommend a behavioral coach or class to help your pet. You should teach your pet to respond properly when they are approached or company comes over. Your pet may get excited and want to jump on the person. You may like having your dog jump up, but chances are your guests wont.   Taking time to train your pet to behave in public is an important aspect of pet care.  Make sure you exercise your dog before company comes this can often help.

Helping Your Pet Cope With Visitors

With the holidays just around the corner, it is important that you think about your pet and helping your pet cope with visitors. You may want to plan to keep your pet in a separate room or if your pet has trouble when people visit, you may want to plan to board them during the time you expect company. Not every pet is the same and unfortunately some pets, like rescued pets may need special attention or special care during the holidays. Helping your pet cope with visitors, starts when they are young. Pets that have unpleasant experiences may remain shy their entire lives. If you need to schedule an medical exam or you have questions about your pet’s care, call Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic and they will be happy to help you.