Crazy Things Dogs Swallow

veterinary clinic in LexingtonThere are many crazy things dogs swallow.  Dogs love to chew on things and often they like to chew on things that smell like their owner.  My parent’s dog once swallowed $3000 hearing aids that my dad had left on the coffee table. The good news is: when your dog swallows something, it usually passes right through them.  The bad news is, well, you know.  Sometimes, your pet can’t pass what they swallow and that’s when an issue arises.  Bones that get stuck in their jaw or items that are too big to pass can lead you to the veterinary office.  Your Lexington veterinary clinic sees dogs and puppies all the time with issues because of crazy items dogs swallow.

Crazy Things Dogs Swallow

Dogs chew and swallow many things.  Here are a few of the items that can cause a problem:






Corn cobs

Hair ties



When To See Your Veterinary Clinic in Lexington

If you notice your dog choking and especially if it is causing respiratory distress, you should bring your dog to the veterinary clinic in Lexington immediately.  Also, if your dog has swallowed poisonous items or something sharp like a knife, you don’t want to wait.  Never force your pet to vomit in this situation.  Many items that cannot pass through your pet’s intestines may need to be removed, either by sedating your pet and pulling it out of his or her mouth or by surgically removing it.  Sometimes, part of the bowel will also need to be removed.

You may also notice your pet having gastronomical problems (usually diarrhea or vomiting) that indicates there is a problem.  If your pet has swallowed an item or items, your veterinary clinic in Lexington will be able to determine what is going on through examination, ex-ray or CT scan.

Protecting Your Dog

Dogs and puppies who like to chew on toys and bones are in danger of chewing or swallowing the wrong things.  Try to keep your pet in an area that is free of socks and underware lying around.  Take care in providing your pet with safe toys and bones that don’t fall apart.  Remove any used bones and toys that are starting to rip.  Keep the trash tied up and away from your pet.

Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic is available to help you with your pet and his or her needs.  If you suspect your pet has swallowed something or is in distress, please call right away and schedule an appointment.