Common Pig Diseases

common pig diseasesThere are quite a few common pig diseases, although pigs for the most part are healthy animals.  You can imagine though, with their living conditions, that even the most careful farmer or pet owner would need to be aware of common pig diseases.  Your veterinarian at Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic can help you set up a vaccination program for your pigs.  They may also recommend if it is possible to get autogenous vaccines; these are bacterial vaccines that are manufactured from the specific pathogenic bacteria isolated from the diseased pig.  Other vaccinations are given together at one time. Here are a few of the common pig diseases and when pigs are usually vaccinated against each particular disease.


Leptospirosis is a bacteria-borne disease that can quickly spread to the whole herd.  Vulnerable females will abort their young.  You should vaccinate gilts before breading and sows at every subsequent weaning.


This is one of the most common swine diseases.  It is caused by bacteria that are commonly in the pig’s environment and come from their saliva and feces.   Exposure to these bacteria can result in death, heart infections and chronic arthritis.  If the pigs do survive their growth is often stunted.  Female pigs should be vaccinated before breeding.  If you receive new pigs, you should also have them vaccinated if you’re not sure if they have been or not.

Atrophic Rhinitis

Atrophic Rhinitis is a disease characterized by inflammation of the nasal tissue.  In mild cases, the pig will experience problems and then return to normal.  In serious cases, the nose bones will become damaged or get smaller.  These distortions can cause respiratory disease.  Female pigs should be vaccinated before giving birth and young pigs should be vaccinated twice before weaning.

E Coli

E Coli is another common disease in the pig farm.  It is bacteria that come from fecal contamination.  Sows should be vaccinated before giving birth.

Porcine Parvovirus

This is a virus that can multiply quickly within the pig’s intestines without showing any symptoms.  It results in reproduction failures and miscarriages.  It is extremely hard to get rid of because it is common in the environment and resists disinfectants.  It also can survive outside the pig for long periods.  Sows should be vaccinated before breeding.

Other Common Pig Diseases

Your veterinarian can alert you to the pig diseases that are common in your area.  Not every disease your pig can encounter will be vaccinated for because of the cost involved.  Some of the other illnesses include Salmonella which causes pneumonia and diarrhea.  Streptococcus suis which affects the nervous system and results in chronic arthritis.  Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae that causes sudden death and retards growth.  Most of the diseases common to pigs are from bacteria that live in the environment.  Your veterinarian can tell you some of the ways to care for your pigs and keep them healthy which includes administering pig vaccines.  Proper nutrition and care will go a long way towards preventing disease.