Chinchilla Vet in Lexington KY

Chinchilla Care in Lexington

If you are planning on adding chinchilla to the family, you should start by learning more about their needs. Here is a starter’s guide for new Chinchilla pet owners:

Bringing Home a Chinchilla

Start by thinking of supplies to get ready for your pet’s arrival. You’ll definitely need a cage and you can buy or build one to suit your needs. Pet-proof your house to create the ideal environment for your chinchilla. Be sure to read about introducing chinchillas to others if you plan on buying more than one, especially if they are coming from more than one pet shop. When you have determined what supplies you need, visit your local pet store to discover the perfect bedding, dustbath and food for your chinchilla.

When Your Chinchilla Arrives

After you pick out your chinchilla, you will need to observe it and try to understand its personality. You will want to get a good feel of its normal behavior. Pay close attention to the sounds he or she makes, and then associate them with the different things that are going on in its environment. This will help you to bond with your pet, making you more comfortable around each other, slowly building a good pet and owner relationship.

Be sure to read up on health issues as well. While chinchillas tend to be very healthy animals, but they can sometimes get problems later in life. Understand eye, ear, nose and mouth conditions so that you can be on the lookout for diseases. Heartstroke and digestive problems may also become an issue. If you can start to recognize these signs, you will know how to use preventive measures and some emergency techniques, such as cooling.

Chinchilla Vet in Lexington KY

If you’re looking for chinchilla care in Lexington Kentucky, your friends at Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic would be happy to help. Our trained vet has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating chinchillas. If you suspect your chinchilla is sick or displaying unusual behavior, contact us today!