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How To Keep Your Horse Warm In Winter

how to keep your horse warm in winter
Learning how to keep your horse warm in winter is one of the ways you can keep your horse healthy all year long. Severe cold and weather can affect your horse but they tend to be cold hardy and able to adapt well with a little effort on...
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Holiday Hazards For Dogs

holiday hazards for dogs
There are many holiday hazards for dogs. Wintertime and the holiday season, mean more company and more exciting things for your dog to get into. Here are a few tips to keep your puppy safe this season. Kitchen Hazards From tin foil, turkey bones to raw cookie dough,...
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Getting A Pet For Christmas

pet for christmas
Getting a pet for Christmas is one of the most memorable gifts you will ever enjoy. Pets quickly become members of the family and spending time with your new friend adds excitement to the holidays. Here are a few tips to make sure your new pet adjusts to...
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Cats and Christmas Trees

cats and christmas trees
Cats and Christmas trees don’t always mix well. It is important if you have a cat in the house that you create a safe environment to keep your cat and your Christmas tree in one piece. Cats are particularly curious, love to climb and play with dangly things...
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Oral Health For Pets

oral health for pets
Oral health for pets includes regular care and occasional cleanings. Just like people, animal’s health requires basic oral care. Having too much tartar build up can cause gingivitis and other health conditions. Bacteria from the gums can lead to bacteria getting into the bloodstream and damaging organs. Here...
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Helping Your Pet Cope With Visitors

helping your pet cope with visitors
Helping your pet cope with visitors is one of the main reasons why you should socialize your pet while they are young. This is not always an option if you get your pet when it’s older or have no way to socialize your pet. If you notice a...
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Making Plans For Holiday Boarding

holiday boarding
The holiday season is fast approaching. Making plans for your family pet is important when you are thinking about holiday traveling. Don’t wait until the last minute to decide what to do with your pet. Here are a few things to consider for holiday boarding. Make a Reservation...
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Today is National Cat Day

pet adoption
Pet Adoption is considered a great way to bring a pet into your home. In honor of National Cat Day that is celebrated today and every October 29th, we dedicate this blog to the number of shelter pets, including cats that need homes. Pets In Shelters You can...
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