Careers in Veterinary Science

veterinary science
At Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic, we aim to encourage high school students who are interested in careers in Veterinary Science.  Veterinary Science is an exciting field that involves the care and treatment of wild and domestic animals.  You may work in a zoo, veterinary clinic, laboratory or a host of other places where animals are available.  What you do and how much you can earn, depends on the degree you hold, how much education you have and the facility where you work.  Here are some of the positions available:


You can work as a veterinarian or doctor for animals.  Your job will be to diagnose and treat various illnesses and injuries in animals.  You may do routine exams, surgeries, and help educate your patient’s owners.  You may work in a veterinarian’s office, clinic, or zoo.  You must get a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine degree and pass an exam to get your license.

Veterinarian Technician

A vet tech helps in the veterinary office or clinic to assess animals, draw blood, insert catheters, and prepare vaccinations.  You may also be responsible for sterilizing equipment and getting equipment ready for surgery.  Your tasks will vary depending on the jobs you perform and where you work.

Veterinarian Assistant

A vet assistant is usually in charge of taking care of the animals in the clinic by feeding and watering them, administering medicine and cleaning out the cages.  You also may be responsible for sterilizing equipment and getting samples ready for the lab.  Each office or clinic is different and some of the tasks overlap.

Zoo Keeper

A zoo keeper works in a zoo taking care of the animals under their charge.  You may be responsible for a few species or just one depending on where you work.  Your job will include all of the tasks necessary to keep the animal healthy and to ensure they are properly cared for.

Other Occupations in Veterinary Science

There are many different occupations for the person interested in Veterinary Science.  Acupuncture, animal behavior and other jobs exist and are becoming popular.  If you are a high school student maybe a career in veterinary science is right for you.  If you are a pet owner, consider using the state of the art facility at Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic and enjoy full veterinary services while you encourage the next generation of care givers interested in veterinary science.