4 Weird Habits of Pet Owners

294375_254450111266256_186593041385297_860629_1584532119_nPet owners are said to be a “breed” of their own — sneaking people food under the table, baby talking the cat, and treating the dogs like a kid. Of course, it’s easy to get carried away with spoiling your furry friend and some of these habits can be counterproductive or even unhealthy for your pet. Here are 4 weird habits of pet owners and our take on them:

Playing Dress Up

People often dress their pets up in adorable costumes. During Halloween and Christmas animals will be dressed up according to the season. During December the pets will have reindeer antlers on. Although this is adorable it may be uncomfortable to the pets.

Experts take: The experts believe that it is alright to dress your pets up in custom at times. In fact, some animals enjoy it. It is also important that the animals understand how to get the things they need and feel safe at the same time.

Bringing Pets to Bed

A lot of owners will want their animals with them at night. The pets are encouraged to sleep in the same bed with them.

Experts Take: Pet trainers and veterinarians have various opinions on this issue. It is mostly up to the owner and may depend on the health of the animal. If the pet has shedding problems, bladder issue, leg, or back problems it would be safer for them to have their own bed.

Having Conversations With Pets

Since pets are able to understand a variety of words and sentences people will often have conversations with their pets.

Experts Take: The experts will tell you that there is nothing wrong with talking to your pets. Many doctors will say that this is very healthy for the pet and the owner.

Lavishing Pets With Gifts

Pet owners will often buy their pets presents for various reasons. Presents are part of life since the animals are part of the family and often treated like the owners children. Whether it is the animals birthday or a holiday the owner wants to show their pet how much they care about them.

Experts Take: Although it is great to show your pets how much you care for them by giving them presents. There is a point when the animals should understand what a reward is. If a pet does not understand how rewards work they may have discipline problems. These discipline problems can make life for you and your animal miserable. Pets are a lot like children and sometimes just spending time with them can be the greatest gift of all.

Pet Gifts


Pets are often treated like members of the family. It is important though to let your pets be animals at times. By allowing them to be themselves it can be beneficial to both you and your pet.

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