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Lexington Veterinary Animal Clinic VetLocust Trace Veterinary Clinic is the newest and most unique animal hospital in Lexington Kentucky! Our full-service animal clinic provides comprehensive care, an experienced staff, and a spacious new facility.  Located at the new Agriscience Center, our highly trained team provides excellent care to our clients while they inspire the next generation.  From routine exams to advanced surgical procedures, Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic is here for you.

Experienced Veterinarians in Lexington

You can trust our experienced veterinarians with all of your pet care needs in the Lexington area. Our trained technicians offer a wide variety of animal care services, such as wellness exams, diagnostic services, spaying and neutering, shots, vaccinations, surgery and dental care for your beloved animals. At Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic, we treat your pet like family.

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Our Veterinary Clinic in Lexington is located just 3 miles north of New Circle Road exit 7.

Call today for an appointment: (859) 225-0303

Monday– 8-5p
Tuesday– 9a-1p
Wednesday 10a- 7:30p
Thursday 8a-5p
Friday 8a-5p

(GPS Address: 3591 Leestown Road, Lexington, KY)

Lexington’s Animal Clinic FAQ:

How is this clinic different from other veterinary clinics?

We are located on the campus of Fayette County School’s  AgriScience Center, and allow students to observe and learn from our doctors and staff. Ours is the first-ever animal hospital located where students with an interest in veterinary medicine are mentored by professionals and are a part of an animal hospital’s daily functions.

Will I be going in a school with my pet?

Nope.  The animal clinic is adjacent to the school but clients and their pets will enter our spacious lobby through the exclusive animal clinic entrance.  You’ll also find ample parking on a beautiful campus filled with animal lovers of all ages.

Will students be providing animal care or observing during my visit?

While our veterinary facility has a secondary purpose to inspire students in the fields of animal medicine, our primary purpose is providing excellent care to our patients.  Only experienced veterinarians and trained technicians will be providing medical care.  Students will be allowed to observe and assist when appropriate.

Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic, 3591 Leestown RoadLexingtonKentucky 40511United States – Phone: (859) 225-0303 Email: locusttracevet@gmail.com


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